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Pro Flight Yoke System

Pro Flight Yoke System
  • Pro Flight Yoke System
  • Pro Flight Yoke System
  • Pro Flight Yoke System
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Specifically designed for the Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System meets the expectations of flight simulation enthusiasts. It guarantees a smooth, accurate and totally realistic flying experience. 

  • Precision. Realism. Control. The Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System is highly engineered to meet the exacting needs of the true flight simulation enthusiast. Stainless steel shaft, ergonomic controls, integrated chronograph and separate throttle quadrant ensure a smooth, accurate and totally realistic flying experience.

    * Durable Stainless Steel shaft with precision bearings gives smooth and predictable elevator and aileron control

    * Used with the supplied SST Programming software, integrated mode switch trebles the number of controls you have at your fingertips

    * Accurately time each leg of your flight plan with the integrated chronograph

    * Separate throttle quadrant with additional switches to configure any combination of throttle, flaps, mixture or prop pitch. Mount on top, in front of your desk, pilot or co-pilot side so that the controls are exactly where you want them

    * Unique, 2-position desk clamp keeps your yoke and quadrant securely fixed no matter how extreme the flying conditions


    * Use the integrated USB Hub to easily connect other parts of the Saitek Pro Flight range of products, such as additional Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant or Pro Flight Instrument Panel (both sold separately)


    * Saitek's powerful Saitek Smart Technology (SST) programming software allows gamers to configure their controls to suit their preferred gaming style, and to save the configurations aspersonal profiles


    * 14 buttons


    * POV Hat Switch 3-position Mode Switch 3 axis levers on Quadrant Elevator and Aileron Axes on Yoke

    Connectivity: USB 2.0

    Works with: Windows XP, XP64 and Vista (all versions)
    With the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System, you can become the pilot you've always wanted to be! We also recommend Pro Flight Pedals for an even better experience.

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