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Airport Dublin (X-Plane 10) (DOWNLOAD)

Airport Dublin (X-Plane 10) (DOWNLOAD)
  • Airport Dublin (X-Plane 10) (DOWNLOAD)
  • Airport Dublin (X-Plane 10) (DOWNLOAD)
  • Airport Dublin (X-Plane 10) (DOWNLOAD)
  • Airport Dublin (X-Plane 10) (DOWNLOAD)
  • Airport Dublin (X-Plane 10) (DOWNLOAD)
8 388 Ft8388
The capital airport of Ireland for your home flight simulator. With up to 20 million passengers per year Dublin's International Airport is of course the number one in Ireland and also ranked 15th of all European airports.


It is served by many international airlines and it is the home base for Aer Lingus and Ryanair.

The scenery of the airport which is located 10km north of the city center is in the final development stage representing the original airport of today. It includes the new Terminal 2, also known as Pier E. The product comes with extremely high-resolution textures and with thousands of small details. Despite a very large number of these details in 3D, the frame rate stays absolutely stable and excellent.

Enjoy a wonderful approach into the Celtic pearl and enjoy something typical Irish after the work is done.



  • Despite a very large number of these 3D details the frame rate is high
  • All buildings and installations at and around the airport
  • High quality models and photo real textures
  • High resolution runways and taxiways
  • Highly realistic night time effects
  • High resolution textures
  • Compatible with the standard AI traffic
  • Manual in German and English
  • Lufthansa Systems FlightNav Charts
  • System requirements:
    X-Plane 10.25 or X-Plane 10 - Europe Edition 
    Windows XP/Vista/Windows7/8, Mac, Linux
    MultiCore Processor with 2.6 Ghz or faster 
    4 GB RAM 
    3D video card with at least 1 GB
    Download-Size: 470 MB
    Installations-Size: 1.7 GB

    Additional downloads: 
    Dublin static airplanes: >> Download <<

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