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Stuttgart X (FSX+FS2004)

Stuttgart X (FSX+FS2004)
  • Stuttgart X (FSX+FS2004)
  • Stuttgart X (FSX+FS2004)
  • Stuttgart X (FSX+FS2004)
  • Stuttgart X (FSX+FS2004)
  • Stuttgart X (FSX+FS2004)
  • Stuttgart X (FSX+FS2004)
  • Stuttgart X (FSX+FS2004)
  • Stuttgart X (FSX+FS2004)
  • Stuttgart X (FSX+FS2004)
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The first airport of German Airports 1 is now "ready for departure" in Microsoft Flight Simulator. In good tradition, the award winning German Airports team provides this scenery of Stuttgart airport in a stunning quality.

This add-on of Stuttgart airport represents the latest status of development of the real airport. The buildings, the layout of the runways and taxiways as well as the navaids are exactly as they are in reality. Numerous new buildings and the newly built exhibition center right next to the airport have also been included.

A photo real ground texture has been used for the base of the scenery to ensure a real life feeling of the airport. The terrain has been edited to be compatible with other add-ons such as „Scenery Germany 1“,„German Landmarks“ and “Ultimate Terrain Europe“. One of many highlights of this scenery are the Dynamic Airport Enhancement Services AESLite which brings a near to life virtual reality into the scenery with its vehicles on the apron and on the near motorways! Many years of experience in creating virtual airport sceneries have once again paid off and can bee seen in the new masterpiece of Stuttgart Airport which not only convinces with its rich details but also with a terrific frame rate.



  • Detailed representation of the airport and close surroundings, incl. important objects
  • High resolution photorealistic ground textures, based on aerial images
  • Authentic 3D models of all airport buildings and facilities
  • Aicraft Parking and Information System (APIS)
  • Including all navaids (ILS,VOR/DME,NDB,ATIS)
  • Amazing night effects
  • Fully acurate runway and taxiway lights
  • Dynamic vehicles on the aprons and motorways by AESLite
  • Compatible with AES (Airport Enhancement Services)
  • Many scenery effects
  • Seasonal ground textures
  • FSX- and FS2004 version included
  • Complete manual (German, English) with additional information about the airport
  • Original airport charts




Award for outstanding Flight Simulator Design, Conclusion by (german): "Die Neuauflage von Stuttgart ist dem Entwicklerteam sehr gut gelungen. Eine Vielzahl an statischen und dynamischen Objekten, die Qualität der Gebäude und Texturen und die tolle Performance spreche für sich. Egal ob man gerne mit einer Cessna fliegt, Touristen in den Süden befördert oder Geschäftleute nach Berlin bringt, diese Szenerie ist für jeden virtuellen Piloten ein MustHave und ich kann sie absolut jedem uneingeschränkt empfehlen. Für die hervorragenden Leistungen hat sich das Produkt den Award reichlich verdient." Final conclusion: 10 out of 10 stars Read review

Conclusion by "I thought Stuttgart X was another wonderful airport in this current crop of recently released German airports. Visually it has plenty to keep those that enjoy eye candy happy while still maintaining good performance. With it’s long runway it can be forgiving to the novice pilot and accommodate those that enjoy flying the heavies." Read review

Summary / Closing Remarks by AVSIM: All through this review, you might’ve been thinking that almost everything I’ve said has been followed by “is very realistic” and it certainly does look amazing. There aren’t many problems in the scenery. You might go as far as to think that this is one of my most favorite sceneries. You would in fact be correct. This has been one of my favorite review products. The level of detail in Aerosoft’s scenery is just purely amazing. On top of this, the performance is just even more amazing. I would’ve never even had a whimsical of an imagination of having such good scenery for such performance. All in all, I know this will definitely be in my list of airports to go to often as this scenery, really does support Microsoft Flight Simulators’ “As real as it gets” motto.

Read review


System requirements for FSX: Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2, Acceleration Pack or Gold Edition) Windows 7/Vista/XP (SP2) 3 GHz processor (Dual Core recommended) 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended) 3D graphics card wit at least 256 MB (512 MB recommended) Download-Size: 110 MB Installations-Size: 250 MB System requirements for FS2004: Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2, Acceleration Pack or Gold Edition) Windows 7/Vista/XP (SP2) 3 GHz processor 2 GB RAM 3D graphics card with 256 MB Download-Size: 110 MB Installations-Size: 250 MB

  • Article no.: 12007
    Publisher: Aerosoft
    EAN code: 4015918120074
    Developer: Peter Hiermeier
    Language: English
  • Product Code
    200 g/db
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