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CDU Panel (VRInsight)

CDU Panel (VRInsight)
  • CDU Panel (VRInsight)
  • CDU Panel (VRInsight)
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The VRinsight’s CDU panel features Control Display Unit for Flight Management Computer (FMC). The CDU panel supports various types of aircrafts for the commercially available add-on aircraft (PMDG B737, B744, Level-D B767 and PSS A319,320).          


It also works as input device of alpha-numeric keys and/or user defined control functions where the FMS is not implemented, such as original Flight Simulator default aircraft and most freeware aircrafts. It is completely interfaced with Flight Simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X through interfacing application software. The CDU panel can be connected simply through PC’s USB port.


  • All necessary buttons and LCD getting close to real flight
  • Compatible with all flight Simulation games
  • Real-type shape of actual FMC
  • Full metal case, plate and stand
  • Offer actual flight circumstance via CDU panel with full control complement
  • 14cm (W) x 26cm (H)
  • USB interface
  • FSUIPC ver. 3.7 min. unregistered version required.
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    1 kg/pc
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