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GF-ICCS Integrated Comination Console System (grey)

GF-ICCS Integrated Comination Console System (grey)
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The GoFlight Integrated Communications Console System combines the best of the GoFlight line of modules into a full-size COMM and NAV stack... containing all the modules required to accurately recreate the center COMM and NAV console of a modern jetliner or twin prop or turboprop.


The modules are mounted behind an "airliner gray" panel with engraved lettering for the communciations and navigation radios. The system also comes prewired to an included USB hub. Just plug in and use the easy-to-configure GF configuration software.

This system is designed to fit in the GoFlight Flight Deck Console rack or the GoFlight AC-rack (see screenshot - *rack not included in price). It may also easily be mounted in a custom cockpit.


  • (1) Specialized Face Plate
  • (4) GF-166 Radios
  • (1) GF-46 Nav/Comm Module
  • (4) Thumbscrews
  • (1) Hex Key

GF-ICCS  Integrated Communications Console System

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    5 kg/pc
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