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SBB Route 1 (TS2014 + TS2015)

SBB Route 1 (TS2014 + TS2015)
  • SBB Route 1 (TS2014 + TS2015)
  • SBB Route 1 (TS2014 + TS2015)
  • SBB Route 1 (TS2014 + TS2015)
  • SBB Route 1 (TS2014 + TS2015)
  • SBB Route 1 (TS2014 + TS2015)
  • SBB Route 1 (TS2014 + TS2015)
19 602 Ft19602
Get to know an important Swiss railway route in the Alpine foothills with RailWorks. The 70-km long SBB Route 1 takes you from Pfäffikon SZ (Schwyz) past the lower side of Lake Zurich to the Ziegelbrücke junction. The line runs along the left bank of Lake Walen to Sargans up the final destination of Landquart.


The rolling stock is pulled by the showpiece, the Re 4/4" universal locomotive. the 6320 HP BoBo is available is included with red and SBB Cargo paintwork.  The Tm232, a double-axis shunting vehicle with diesel engine is used for shunting in the station area.
The newly-developed Swiss SBB signal system is included in a RailWorks add-on for the first time.10 realistic locomotive driver activities offer you a variety of trips on the new RailWorks SBB -Route 1.

  • Highlights:

    • Accurately recreated rolling stock: Re 4/4 II SBB in red and SBB Cargo, Tm232 diesel tractor, passenger and goods wagons
    • Large number of oncoming trains such as the red Re 460 liven up the route
    • Special seasonal vegetation
    • Textured distance mountains
    • Route features with photorealistic stations, factories, houses, industries, people, animals and objects
    • Activity description and screen messages in German, French and English
    • Platform plans for all larger stations
    • Duty schedule with all locomotive driver activities for the 10 activities in three languages
    • Manual in German, French, Italian and English
    • Signal information in four languages
    • 10 exciting engine driver activities from a passenger trains to interesting shunting operations


    • The stake wagons are loaded with wood by the digger
    • Oil drums are unloaded/loaded
    • "Seestern" direction and extra ship sailing on Lake Walen
    • The cable car in Unterterzen is carrying passengers to the skiing resorts in the Flumser mountains
    • Windsurfers

    The rolling stock:

    • Railcars:
    • Re 4/4“ SBB red
    • Re 4/4“ SBB-Cargo, blue/red
    • Re 460 SBB red (without cab, only as AI loco)
    • Tm 232 SBB-Cargo, blue/red 

    Passenger carriages:

    • A, EWIV, new paintwork, 1st class carriage
    • A, EWIV, green/grey, 1st class carriage
    • B, EWIV, new paintwork, 2nd class carriage
    • B, EWIV, green/grey, 2nd class carriage
    • D ex SNCF, baggage and bicycle wagon
    • A, EW I city train paintwork blue/white, 1st class
    • B, EW I city train paintwork blue/white, 2nd class
    • B, EW I in green, 2nd class

    Goods wagons:

    • X2 construction wago
    • Gbs covered goods wagon in 2 versions, set up for loading
    • Hbblins sliding door wagon in 2 versions
    • Open stake car, in 2 versions, set up for loading
    • Open stake car loaded with wood
    • Open stake car loaded with cable rolls
      AI rolling stock (simplified rolling stock for oncoming trains etc.):
    • SBB Re 460 SBB red

    Passenger carriages:

    • EW I NPZ conversion city train type 50 85 20 35 XXX  2nd cl.
    • EW IV cream 1st cl. with old doors
    • EW IV cream 2nd cl. with old door.


    • RW3 rain
    • RW3 night lighting: scenery, locomotive and cab
    • RW3 remote mountains
    • RW3 new shadows, dynamic light

    System requirements:
    TS2014 / TS2015
    Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7
    Processor (CPU): 2,6 GHz (for Vista and 7)
    RAM: min. 2 GB
    Video card: Geforce® ATI Radeon® min. 256 MB
    Recommended: DirectX: 9.0c or better
    Download-Size: 800 MB
    Installations-Size: 1.1 GB

  • Cikkszám
    200 g/db
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