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GF-MCP Pro (szürke)

GF-MCP Pro (szürke)
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The GF-MCP Pro features a Boeing 737-style panel with full control complement.          





The GF-MCP PRO from GoFlight -- bringing you another cutting edge flight sim innovation.

Now control your jetliner or turbo-prop with all the functions of a real airliner MCP. See full description for all functions, including LNav, Vnav, Autothrottle.

When used with FS2004 add-on software such as Project Magenta, the GF-MCP Pro enables full simulation of a Boeing 737 MCP. The GF-MCP Pro is also compatible with built-in FS2004 aircraft and most freeware or commercially available add-on aircraft

The GF-MCP PRO is a plug-and-play device that connects to a standard USB port or hub. No control units or additonal modules are required.

Featuring the following functions:

  • Independent Captain and F/O COURSE knob and display
  • Independent Captain and F/O Flight Director on/off toggles with indicators
  • Auto throttle on/off toggle with indicator
  • Auto throttle N1 and SPEED buttons
  • C/O button for SPD display selection of IAS or MACH
  • SPEED Knob and display
  • HEADING knob and display with integrated HDG HOLD push function
  • HDG SEL button
  • VNAV and LNAV buttons
  • ALTITUDE knob and display
  • VOR LOC, APP, ALT HOLD and ALT NTY buttons
  • VERTICAL SPEED wheel control and display
  • V/S button
  • A/P CMD A, CWS A, CMD B, and CWS B buttons
  • DISENGAGE control bar
  • Dimensions: 15.25" wide X 2.7" high

The GF-MCP PRO connects to a USB port on your computer.

Important compatibility notes:

The degree of compatibility with add-on aircraft varies depending upon the design of the add-on product. Before buying, we recommend you consult the developer of add-on aircraft products you plan to purchase.

This item is NOT compatible with the PMDG 737 NG 600/700, PMDG 737 800/900 and the PMDG 747-400 for FS2004.

To use this hardware with the PMDG 747-400 X (for FSX) the payware Interface Driver is required, view FlightSimLabs.com

  • System requirements: Microsoft Flight Simulator X/2004/2002 USB connection

    Driver-Software: >>download here<<

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    2 kg/db
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