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737 Professional (FSX)

737 Professional (FSX)
  • 737 Professional (FSX)
  • 737 Professional (FSX)
  • 737 Professional (FSX)
  • 737 Professional (FSX)
  • 737 Professional (FSX)
  • 737 Professional (FSX)
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The 737-200 series sold over 1,100 and can truly be called a classic machine. It was a real trail-blazer, bringing the first taste of the 'Jet Set' to the masses across the globe. Employed as a short- to medium-range airliner typically carrying 115 passengers, the 737-200 is powered by two Pratt & Whitney JT-8D engines.



The Advanced variant of the 737-200 narrow-body jet airliner features a range of improvements over the standard 737-200, notably more powerful engines, greater fuel capacity, longer range and improved aerodynamics. 

Developed and built exclusively for Just Flight by BlackBox Simulation, 737 Professional features a highly detailed 3D virtual cpockpit and 2D panels, fully functional Performance Data Computer System and a host of custom-coded flight systems. Additional cockpit and engine sounds, a complete set of lighting effects, authentic flight dynamics, accurate animations and a comprehensive printed manual complete this Professional simulation of one of the world's great airliners.

  • Model

    • Highly detailed 737-200 ADV model with the distinctive JT-8D engines
    • Fully flyable virtual cockpit
    • Specular map to give realistic light effects
    • Great set of bump maps to give a more realistic 3D feeling to the liveries
    • Multiple cockpit and external viewpoints
    • Vortex generators (wing and tailcone)
    • Pitot tubes & Antennae
    • Full Passenger seating visible through cabin windows

    Panel and VC features

    • 2D instrument panel and fully animated Virtual Cockpit with mouse-clickable operations
    • Panels: Overhead, Forward centre pedestal, middle centre pedestal with throttle quadrant, rear centre pedestal with radios, Default FSX GPS
    • All switches, knobs, dials, annunciators, warning lights and read-outs
    • Animated wipers, yokes, rudder pedals, steering tiller, throttles and armrests
    • Captain's and First Officer's 2D Panels including widescreen option
    • Moving Map radar screen with TCAS (Terminal Collision Avoidance System)
    • Custom-coded PDCS (Performance Data Computer System)


    ALL systems use custom-coded routines to overcome most FSX limitations.

    • Custom electrical system, AC & DC buses with ground power/APU/separate generators/all switches
    • Custom fuel system with working auto switching, heaters, pumps and cross-feed
    • Custom hydraulic system with all switches and simulated flight control outage
    • Custom Pitot static system, separate Captain and First Officer heat and de-ice
    • Custom anti-ice system, wing, engine and window, giving correct engine performance reductions
    • Custom engine start system, as per manual
    • Custom annunciator and warning system, with over 160 separate annunciators
    • Custom Sperry 77 autopilot, dual channel, complete with all mode CWS (Control Wheel Steering)
    • Custom radio system, twin VOR/ADF and Comm
    • Custom pressurisation system
    • Custom APU with correct fuel burn
    • #1 Captain and First Officer compass and gyro systems
    • #2 Captain and First Officer separate Flight Directors
    • #3 Captain and First Officer Separate APD annunciators
    • Instrument comparators to manage #1 - #3 above
    • Operational PDCS (Performance Data Computer System)


    Ten highly detailed international airline liveries in super-resolution:

    • Air France
    • British Airways (Landor scheme)
    • United Airlines (Earlier livery)
    • Britannia Airways
    • Lufthansa (Earlier livery)
    • Canadian Airlines
    • Hapag-Lloyd
    • Western Airlines
    • Icaro Air
    • Air Cal

    Additional Sound System

    • APU sounds (start/run/shutdown)
    • Gear wind (relative to airspeed)
    • All switch sounds
    • Altitude alert sound


    • Highly detailed animation of all flight surfaces - flaps, leading edge slats, leading edge flaps, rudder, aAilerons, elevators
    • Flight/ground spoilers
    • Correct sequencing of leading edge devices
    • Animated wipers
    • Extending under-wing landing light pods
    • Custom Engine Fan animation
    • Fully animated engine reverse thrust buckets
    • Animated built-in forward air stairs
    • Cargo doors
    • Passenger doors linked to FSX airport Jetway animations
    • Rotating wheels
    • Undercarriage
    • Nose wheel steering.

    Special effects

    • Touchdown tyre smoke effects
    • Early jet engine smoke effects
    • Forward throwing engine reverser smoke effects
    • APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) sStart smoke effect
    • Custom vortex trails from Flaps

    Texture artwork

    • High resolution textures & Bump Mapping
    • Custom reflection maps for all polished metalwork
    • Highly detailed texture mapping without compromising frame rates.
    • FSX DX10 preview compatible
    • Layered paint kit included to help create your own liveries (suitable additional paint program such as Photoshop required)
    • Specular maps
    • Night maps

    Full Lighting

    • Red anti-collision beacon
    • Coloured wing tip and tail navigation lights
    • Cockpit light
    • Passenger windows lighting
    • Landing lights that illuminate the runway

    Flight Dynamics (FDE)

    • Custom designed flight dynamics designed to make 737 Professional an authentic experience
    • FSX dedicated

    High quality sound set

    • Uses FSX sound cone technology
    • Authentic Pratt & Whitney JT-8D engine sounds


    • Comprehensive manual including flight tutorial

    One of the most enjoyable procedural simulators that I have flown in FSX... The external model is a superb recreation of the Boeing 737-200... A fantastic rendition of the instruments... The systems fidelity is also of the highest order... The aircraft performs very much as one might expect of a 737. Just Flight would have needed a small army of Boeing engineers on hand to make it much more realistic... Coupled with the complex systems operation, the flight dynamics make this an ideal aircraft for the procedural simmer" PC Pilot (90%, Classic Product award)
    "A very nice rendition of the 200's cockpit... The exterior paints are very good and the flight characteristics are a joy... The simulation of both the Sperry autopilot and the PDCS system are really great... The engine sounds are also good" Mutley's Hangar
    "Without a doubt, Just Flight has created a virtual replication of this aircraft which is authentic and respectful to its place in aviation history... The great thing about this 737 is the flight dynamics in the air are on the money... The exterior sounds of the of the plane's Pratt & Whitney JT-8D engines is nothing short of superb... The lighting in VC and 2D panels inside the cockpit has been, pleasantly enough, flawless... The pop-up panels on 2D have been placed very well and are very easy to manage and monitor your systems... The rendition of sound in the cockpit was overall very pleasing" Aerosoft Sim News
    "The external modelling is a superb recreation of the 737-200... The systems fidelity is also of the highest order with pretty much every switch and gauge fully functional... One of the most enjoyable procedural sims that I have flown in FSX... This is a fantastic package and will appeal to both the simple FSX user and the more advanced user" Flight Sim Today

    System Requirements:

    • Flight Simulator X (Acceleration, SP2 and Direct X 10 preview compatible)
    • 3.0GHz PC or any Dual Core 
    • 1.0GB RAM
    • 256Mb 3D graphics card
    • Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista
    • 1.0GB hard drive space
    200 g/db
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